Announcing RCC Rally Cats Dance Team Try-Outs

Announcing RCC Rally Cats Dance Team Try-Outs

Please bring the following with you to try-outs:

Click Here for the following:

RCC Cheer and Dance Team Try-Out Registration Form (Bring with you to try-outs)

RCC Cheer and Dance Team Contract

RCC Cheer and Dance Team Contract Signature Form (Bring with you to try-outs)

RCC Cheer and Rally Cats Dance Team Payment Schedule


RCC Rally Cats Dance Team Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do the Rally Cats perform at School Sporting Events? Answer: Yes. Dance performs at Home Football Games and Basketball games and any play-off games determined by director. In addition the team performs at other school and community related events throughout the year.

2. What is my class/practice schedule? Answer: You will be required to be enrolled in the designated dance class/es through RCC every semester. These classes form your practices. Classes are UC/Cal State transferable. Class/Practices are held on Tuesday and Thursdays 7-9:15am (subject to change). Additional practices may be added for competition preparation.

3. Do the Rally Cats compete? Answer: Yes. The team competes locally and nationally in Open Dance and Team Performance. There are a limited number of spots on the competition teams. We will select the most talented, committed and dedicated students for these teams. This selection process will occur throughout the season. Please note that in order to be eligible for competition you must be enrolled in 12.0 credit hours.

4. What are the requirements to make the Rally Cats Dance Team? Answer: We are looking for technically trained dancers with experience in jazz, lyrical, contemporary and some hip hop.

5. What do you need to bring to tryouts? Answer: $20.00 try-out fee. Cash Only. If you are not currently 18 years of age you will need an adult to sign your registration information.

6. When do you find out if you make the team? Answer: Results will be posted by Monday May 15th via our team social media outlets. Facebook page: RCC Cheer & Dance, Instagram: @rccspiritteams and Twitter:@RCCSpiritTeams There will be a mandatory team orientation meeting on Wednesday May 17th at 7:00pm. Your first payment is due at this meeting. This meeting is mandatory for all team members (rookies and veterans) and it is strongly recommended that you bring your parent/financial supporter with you to this meeting. This will be their only opportunity to have our program explained to them in detail by the director.

7. How are tryouts run? Answer: You will show a variety of technical skills across the floor. In addition you will be taught a routine displaying a variety of dance genres. The try-out will conclude with an impromptu display of your specialty skills.

8. What do you wear for tryouts? Answer: Sports bra and shorts

9. What costs are involved? Answer: New team members can expect to pay $900 for the season. This includes uniform rental, team clothes, college camp, coaching fees, etc. Veterans can expect to pay $700 for the above list of items/services. These amounts are broken down into payments for your convenience. However, if you are selected you must be prepared to make your first payment of $400 by May 17th. Some fundraising opportunities will be available for assistance with the remaining balance.

Mark Your Calendars! Route to RCC Event on Saturday, April 29th from 8:30 to noon.This event is a great opportunity to see all that RCC has to offer and most importantly, will assist in the enrollment process. This event is STRONGLY encouraged for all potential team members.