Tigers Finish Off the Week on High Note

Tigers Finish Off the Week on High Note

Match Notes:


·         RCC traveled to Victor Valley College to bring home a win in a non-conference matchup.

·         For the fifth consecutive match, freshman Eliott Moreno started the Tigers off with another dominating performance, this time in the #4 spot, 6-1, 6-0.

·         Sophomores Colten Douglass and Jordan Gobatie kept the Tigers rolling, dominating the #6 and #1 spots.

·         On the eve of his 21st Birthday Weekend, sophomore Josh Stevenson sealed the victory for the Tigers, putting the Tigers up 5-0.

·         RCC now returns to another Orange Empire Conference play when Fullerton College comes to Riverside on Tuesday, February 26th (2:00).   


#1        Jordan Gobatie (RCC)                d.         Adrian Belcher (VVC)                6-0, 6-0

#2        Aliaksandr Pesniak (RCC)         d.         Mike Garcia (VVC)                    6-0, 6-0

#3        Ulises Banos (RCC)                   d.         Travis Rios (VVC)                      6-4, 6-2

#4        Eliott Moreno (RCC)                 d.         Junior Villiaon (VVC)                 6-1, 6-0

#5        Josh Stevenson (RCC)               d.         Edrian Rincon (VVC)                 6-1, 6-1

#6        Colten Douglass (RCC)             d.         Jason Valance (VVC)                 6-0, 6-0           


#1        Pesniak/Douglass (RCC)          d.         Belcher/Garcia (VVC)                8-2

#2        Gobatie/Banos (RCC)                d.         Villiaon/Rios (VVC)                   8-2

#3        Moreno/Stevenson (RCC)         d.         Rincon/Valance (VVC)               8-0